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Our Solutions

Our solutions and services consist of the following:

1) Application development in MS Access, Excel, VB6, .net and C++
2) Website development in C# using .net on windows
3) SAS coding/programming for data extraction and manipulation

Other services:

1) Automation: Converted manual process which required lots of manual effort into automatic process by using techniques like MS Access, Excel, VBA , VB6 and SAS.

2) Database development and maintenance: End to end development of database which includes user friendly data entry forms, Reports, graphical representation of data (Pi chart, bar chart), Trending, etc. 

5) Reporting: Create report (PDF, Excel,etc) from data provided by client. 

6) Dashboard: Create user friendly dashboard according to the requirement

7) Graphical representation of data (Bar graph, Pie chart, etc) which help in giving more clarity on the data.

8) Data analysis: Recommendation, pattern and trend identification based on data analysis done on the data. 

9) QA and Testing: Test planning, Testing (QC, Regression).

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Why Us

High quality and affordable, customer focused solutions & services.

Systems Integration, Data Management & Business Process Improvement

We specialize in handling complex business and IT changes for systems and processes that are vital to daily operations.  We help business leaders translate tough, complicated issues into understandable language

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What We Do

Contact us to discuss how we can partner with you in the following areas:

·         Business process automation using Excel/Access/SAS & Web based tools

·         Integration, cleansing, & data quality improvement for your every day business data

·         Selection and implementation of custom and 3rd party Analytics & BI Tools

·         Project Management consulting to increase your project implementation success

·         IT Portfolio Analysis to optimize impact of your IT plans, projects and operations

·         Compliance, Audit and Corporate Dashboards

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